Opportunities for Students

The History Department offers numerous opportunites for students to expand their education beyond the standard courses. The History department isn’t just a place to study the past: it’s a community with chances to connect with other students via the Freshman Learning community, Phi Alpha Theta events, or faculty-led study abroad trips. It's also a chance to apply uour skills in real-life settings such as internships at local historical sites or museums or doing research in archives around the country.  

Learning Community

The History Learning Community is is one of the oldest freshmen programs on campus. Its focus is on "Children in war and conflict" and through two semesters offers students the chance to consider how children have suffered and developed through events such as the holocaust, or Rwandan genocide among other events. The History Learning Community (HLC) program is for all majors and undecided freshmen with an interest in history or its pre-professional foci in business, law/justice, public history, education, military, diplomacy, and advocacy. This one-year program offers small-scale learning in a large university and is designed to accelerate and enhance academic performance with hands-on experiences in history. The curriculum is centered around two dedicated major courses, with opportunities for field work, career orientation, excursions, and job shadowing. HLC members may opt to live together, commute; or select housing elsewhere on campus. The HLC is required for entering history freshmen; all other majors or undecided freshmen are welcome. As the freshman cohort learns, explores, lives, and studies together under dedicated year-long mentorship, HLC members report higher satisfaction in their course and learning experience, outscore their peers on GPA and time to completion data, are more likely to pursue honors and less likely to drop out of college; and form tight friendships that carry through the remaining college years and beyond.


Internships offer an exciting chance for students to gain experince in their chosen field and apply their skills in real-world situations. While most of our students intern at local museusms of historical sites, the History major provides the sort of skills that government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies are looking for in their interns, including the ability to write and communicate effectively, to think critically, and to manage information. For that reason, our students intern at numerous businesses and non-profits in Charlotte and beyond. A listing of some sample internships is on the internship page. Students holding an internship can earn up to 3 hours of credit

Independent Study

Independent Projects allow undergraduate history majors to studay a topic not currently or otherwise offered by the Department.  Independent projects permits are only issued in extraordinary circumstances, such as preparation for graduate or professional studies, timely satisfaction of undergraduate or pre-professional requirement, or to avoid graduation delay due to circumstances beyond the applicant's control.  Independent projects are directed by permanent faculty on a voluntary basis.

Study Abroad

The History Department has numerous study abroad options for its majors. Students can spend entire semsters or academic years at partner institutions or travel with a faculty member from UNCC on a short term trip over spring break or during the the summer. A full list of potential programs can be found at edabroad.uncc.edu

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is a nationally recognized honor society for history students (non-majors are welcome to apply). Members of this society have the opportunity to present their written work for local conferences and national prizes. New members will receive a year's subscription to the Phi Alpha Theta publication, The Historian. And finally, members are entitled to graduate with the Phi Alpha Theta honor cord.