Freshman Learning Community

The History First-Year Learning Community is one of the longest-running freshmen programs on campus.


One of the unique features of our undergraduate program is its first-year learning community. We started this program 17 years ago to offer entering freshmen access to our best teachers and courses, with field experiences, hands-on learning, and dedicated advising and mentorship. As a result, our majors graduated timelier with higher GPAs than their comparable peers. Due to its success, this small-group-leaning-in-a-large-university is now an integral part of our major. Grouped around two history seminars, entering freshmen get to learn, laugh, and explore together; building friendships and accelerating their academic and social skill sets. We also offer the opportunity for cohort housing in CF Lynch Freshmen Hall (optional).

The HFLC program consists of:

  • Two courses – one course per semester –  with preferential registration for additional history electives.
  • Dedicated year-long academic advising/mentoring/planning.
  • Field trips, eyewitness encounters, and exploration opportunities.

As undergraduates of course learn for the future, our first-year program also focuses on academic planning and career orientation; combining the prized analytical competencies of history with skill sets of other disciplines. This allows our freshmen to satisfy the University-mandated Prospect for Success requirement within our major, and to study with a purpose.

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