Fields of Study

african-american history

African-American History

Empire and Decolonization

Empire and Decolonization



global, transnational, comparative

Global, Transnational, Comparative

intellectual history

Intellectual History

law and legal history

Law and Legal History

maritime and trade history

Maritime and Trade History

medicine and healing

Medicine and Healing

memory and memorization

Memory and Memorialization

migration, borderlands, frontiers

Migration, Borderlands, Frontiers

native american and indigenous

Native American and Indigenous

political economy, labor capitalism, and business

Political Economy, Labor Capitalism, and Business

print culture and book history

Print Culture and Book History

public history and digital humanities

Public History and Digital Humanities



Race and ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity

religious history

Religious History

slavery, civil war, and reconstruction

Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction

science, technology, and environment

Science, Technology, and Environment

society and culture

Society and Culture



war, conflict, and military

War, Conflict, and Military

women, gender, and sexuality

Women, Gender and Sexuality

history pedagogy and Education

History Pedagogy and Education