Research and Writing

History uses the Chicago (Manual of) Style format.  This format is identical to Turabian (named after Kate Turabian, the University of Chicago graduate dissertation secretary, who authored a writing guide).  Chicago specifies both the physical format of your paper (margins, title page, preferred spelling, etc.), and the proper citation (foot- or end notes, bibliography, etc.).  It is essential that you follow these rules.  Consider the the language of History.

To help you write a good History paper, the Department has adopted two online style and two writing guides for you to use in class.  The writing guides offer a quick style reference.  Graduate students formatting their thesis should use the latest unabridged version of The Chicago Manual of Style.  The research paper writing guides are a primer for those students who have not yet taken History 2600, or need a refresher.

Chicago Style Reference:


History Research Paper Writing Guides:


For information about how to avoid Plagiarism, please see the separate section on the Department Website.