Independent Studies

UNC Charlotte, Department of History: Undergraduate Independent Projects

Independent Projects allow undergraduate history majors to studay a topic not currently or otherwise offered by the Department.  Independent projects permits are only issued in extraordinary circumstances, such as preparation for graduate or professional studies, timely satisfaction of undergraduate or pre-professional requirement, or to avoid graduation delay due to circumstances beyond the applicant's control.  Independent projects are directed by permanent faculty on a voluntary basis.  Independent projects may not be used as a substitute for courses or requirements currently offered by the department or which a student will be reasonably able to complete in a regular setting; and/or to reconcile time or scheduling conflicts.

Independent project proposals must be agreed to and directed by a permanent member of the faculty, and approved by the Director of Undergraduate and Honors Studies.  Instructor and student must develop a plan of study equitable in level and time commitment to an advanced (3000) level undergraduate course.  This plan of study must contain verifiable measures of performance.  Independent Projects receive three semester hours of regular academic credit.

Students interested in pursuing an Independent Project must:

  • Be a History major in sophomore, junior, or senior standing.
  • Have a 2.0 Cumulative GPA and a 2.0 GPA in their History course work at time of application.
  • Take an independent study for one of the following reasons:
    • In preparation for entry into a graduate and/or professional degree program.
    • To satisfy a major degree requirement not otherwise or timely offered by the department.
    • To avoid delay in graduation due to circumstances beyond the student's control.

Academic Credit

  • An Independent Study provides three hours of 3000-level credit.
  • This credit may be coded to satisfy specific methods and/or non-western major requirements.
  • Within two weeks of receiving a permit for independent study, the student must submit an instructor-approved Course of Study Plan to the Director of Undergraduate and Honors Studies, or withdraw from the course.  Students who fail either one of these requirements will receive a failing (F) grade.


  1. Secure permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies to pursue an Independent Project.
  2. Submit an application form with endorsement from the History faculty member directing the project to the Director of Undergraduate and Honors Studies prior to being issued a permit.
  3. Complete and submit a comprehensive plan of study with endorsement from the History faculty member directing the project to the Director of Undergraduate and Honors Studies no later than two weeks after receiving the course permit.
  4. Upon completion of the project, have the faculty member directing the project communicate the final grade to the Director of Undergraduate and Honors Studies.

 Independent Project Information and Forms