Jane Laurent Prize

This prize, named for a beloved colleague who spent her life fostering undergraduate research and development, awards the students who write the best research paper in the sophomore research and writing seminar $200. The instructors of the seminar nominate their strongest paper and the committee choses the winner from those papers. The winners and honorable mention awardees represent the best in writing, primary document research, and contextual and data analysis.

Previous Winners:

Spring 2023: Ayden Morrow, “A Winter Journey: The Cherokee Removal of 1838-39 and Its Temperature, Disease, and Starvation Crisis”

Fall 2022: Emily Dawes – “Love at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: A Look at Two Boston Marriages From the Late Nineteenth Century to the Early Twentieth Century,”

Spring 2022: Alec Pescaro, “Fighting for Equality: Harlem’s Hellfighters in the First World War”

Fall 2021: Quinton Frederick, “Prairie School Ideology in Lesser-Known Works”

Spring 2020: Bridget Means, “Criminal Caregivers: Nurses and Euthanasia in Hitler’s Germany.”

Fall 2019: Alec Slawich, “An Analysis of the Black Codes of Restriction”

Spring 2019: Carter Nuhfer

Fall 2018: Aaron Gonzalez, “Constantine’s Defiance of Galerius”

Spring 2018: Maxwell Ferguson

Fall 2017: Nicholas Brady

Spring 2017: Nicholas Czarnecki, “Like the Teutonic Horde: Spanish Influenza and North Carolina Public Schools.”

Fall 2016: Kelly Caskey, “A Taste for Eastern Luxuries: An Ancient Roman Palate.”