Policies and Forms

History Department Policies and Forms

1. Summer Coursework

At UNC Charlotte:

  • The Department offers great courses during both summer sessions.
  • Methods courses need to be taken at UNC Charlotte as do courses to be counted towards your GPA.

At Another University:

  • You are generally allowed to transfer off-campus summer course credit under the following conditions:
    • You have not already received 64 hours of total transfer credit or 18 hours history transfer hours; and you are not in your last 30 hours of study.
    • You are not on probation (transfer credit will not improve you GPA).
  • Submit a Permit for Transient Studies prior to taking the course.

2. Graduation

  • Seniors planning on graduating in the Summer should request a Graduation Check.
  • You must apply for graduation via My UNCC – Banner. For more see: https://ninercentral.uncc.edu/grades-transcripts-graduation/apply-graduation
  • Deadline to apply for December 2020 Graduation is October 5, 2020. Deadline for May 2021 Graduation is February 24, 2021.
  • You must have either completed, or have all remaining courses in progress, to be able to participate in the commencement ceremonies.

3. Withdrawing from a course

  • You may withdraw from a course without penalty or notation until the last day to drop/add a course (see registrar calendar).

  • Upon closing of the drop/add period, you may withdraw from a total of 16 hours with a W notation on your transcript.

  • Withdrawal under extenuation circumstances is subject to approval but does not count to the 16-hour limit. https://withdrawal.uncc.edu/.

4. Repeating a course for grade replacement

  • You may replace up to two course grades (the prior course grades stays on your record, however does not count to your GPA).

  • You must repeat the exact same course number/title. You must submit a course grade replacement request before the last day to add the course via My UNCC. See the Registrar for details. https://registrar.uncc.edu/students/gradereplacementpolicy.

  • If you seek to repeat a course with a D, C, or B grade, you must obtain a course repeat override from the department prior to registration.

5. Registration/Prerequisites for Methods Courses

  • You do no longer need an authorization to register for methods courses in summer and fall.

  • Banner will unenroll you from the next methods course for which you registered if you fail to satisfy the prerequisites of the current one you are taking. If you scored a D for Hist 2600 or 4000/1/2/3/4, you must repeat the course before you may take the subsequent methods course

6. Cross-listed Courses

  • You may take the cross-list of a history course for major credit. Upon registration, ask Dr. McKinley to fill out a DegreeWorks substitution form: swmckinl@uncc.edu. You may not take or repeat the cross-list of a course you have already taken under the other course number.

7. Probation

  • You have one semester (not counting summer) to bring your GPA to 2.0.
  • You are placed on continued probation (i.e. get an additional semester) if you achieved a 2.3 regular semester GPA in the semester your probation started.
  • Students on probation should definitely consider summer school at UNC Charlotte to raise their GPA. Discuss this option with your advisor during your mandatory advising appointment.

8. Suspension

  • Suspended students must fill out a suspension appeal form on 49er express Banner Self-service. The appeal should contain substantiated reasons for the current grade point deficit and concrete steps to rectify it. The Department Chair adjudicates suspension appeals.

9. Forgiveness Policy

  • Students may use the grade forgiveness policy (D/F excluded from degree) if they:
  • have not taken courses at UNC Charlotte for two consecutive years.
  • did not attend UNC Charlotte for one semester and completed an Associate Degree
  • You may use either option only once (it also resets your maximum W hours).

10. Incomplete Grades

  • You must complete a course for which you received an incomplete grade within one year. Failure to do so will automatically result in a grade of F for the course in question.
  • You cannot start a methods course if you received an incomplete for the prerequisite course.
  • You cannot graduate with an incomplete grade on your record.

11. Undergraduate Academic Petitions

  • If you would like to request an exception to academic policy such as late add, late withdrawal, transfer credit adjustment, etc., you can access the application via Banner Self Service. You can select the type of petition, term affected, the course involved (if applicable), then provide a short explanation of the petition and the justification for requesting the exception to policy.