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History Learning Community

Mine the Past, Explore the Future              

One of the unique features of our undergraduate program is its first-year learning community. We started this program 17 years ago to offer entering freshmen access to our best teachers and courses, with field experiences, hands-on learning, and dedicated advising and mentorship. As a result, our majors graduated timelier with higher GPAs than their comparable peers. Due to its success, this small-group-leaning-in-a-large-university is now an integral part of our major. Grouped around two history seminars, entering freshmen get to learn, laugh, and explore together; building friendships and accelerating their academic and social skill sets. We also offer the opportunity for cohort housing in CF Lynch Freshmen Hall (optional).

Build around the freshmen-mandated Introduction to Historical Methods, The HLC program consists of

  • Two courses – one course per semester –  with preferential registration for additional history electives.
  • Dedicated year-long academic advising/mentoring/planning.
  • Field trips, eyewitness encounters, and exploration opportunities.

As undergraduates of course learn for the future, our first-year program also focuses on academic planning and career orientation; combining the prized analytical competencies of history with skill sets of other disciplines. This allows our freshmen to satisfy the University-mandated Prospect for Success requirement within our major, and to study with a purpose.

The HLC program is directed by Oscar Lansen, a social historian of war and conflict and member of the honors faculty, who holds the distinction of Teaching Professor. There is no additional charge for the History Learning Community program. Once confirmed, HLC members are exempted from Prospect for Success courses and freshmen seminar requirements. For more information about enrolling at UNC Charlotte with a history major, contact program director Dr. Oscar Lansen at oelansen@uncc.

You register for the History Learning Community/prospect exemption via the University’s Learning Community Application site:  https://lcap.uncc.edu:

  • Select History Learning Community as first and only choice
  • (only non-majors need to fill out a full essay)
  • Select your housing option:
    • HLC housing in CF Lynch suites (requires separate housing application).
    • Elsewhere on campus (requires separate housing application).
    • Off-campus (leave section blank).

You will receive a confirmation offer upon receipt – be sure to formally accept it.

QUESTIONS? Please contact Dr. Oscar Lansen at oelansen@uncc.edu.

The History Learning Community is one of the oldest freshmen programs on campus. As the freshman cohort learns, explores, lives, and studies together under dedicated year-long mentorship, HLC members report higher satisfaction in their course and learning experience, outscore their peers on GPA and time to completion data, are more likely to pursue honors and less likely to drop out of college; and form tight friendships that carry through the remaining college years and beyond. The History Learning Community program is funded by the Provost Office.