Graduate Students are expected to take three courses a semester. This calendar is a four-year calendar to help part and full-time students plan their classes. In addition to your required courses, you may take additional colloquia and electives (public history or otherwise). These will be listed as 5000/6000 courses and elective topics may vary year to year. Peruse our course schedule for specific offerings.


Required Course Offerings

Fall 2020

  • Public History Elective: Heritage Tourism
  • Seminar (second years)
  • Colloquium/ Elective

Spring 2021

  • Digital Age
  • Historiography and Methodology (first years)
  • Colloquium/ Elective

Fall 21

  • Museum Studies
  • Colloquium/ Elective
  • Seminar (second years)

Spring 22

  • Historiography and Methodology (first years)
  • Historic Preservation
  • Public History Elective /Colloquium

Public History Electives

HIST 6300: Topics in Public History

  • Museum Education
  • Collections Management
  • Oral History and the Study of Memory
  • Preservation Law and Planning
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Public Programming for Historical Organizations
  • Media for Public Historians
  • Historical Documentary Editing
  • Digitizing Collections
  • Fundamentals of Video Production

Check courses offered in other departments through the graduate course catalogue:

Public Administration, in particular, has a number of courses on Nonprofit Management and Arts Administration that are useful to public historians. Architecture may offer courses of interest to those interested in the built environment, and Anthropology offers courses in Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management.