The Kings Mountain Research Scholarship for Southern History

Created by a generous gift from Gilbert and Jancy Patrick, The Kings Mountain Research Scholarship for Southern History provides one grant each year of $2,500 to a Master of Arts candidate in the History Department for the purpose of defraying costs associated with archival and other research in the discipline of southern history. 

Scholarship funds are intended for travel, subsistence, and research expenses directly related to the proposed project.

Applicants do not have to prove financial need.  They must be in good academic standing.

Applicants will submit a 1-2 page outline of their proposed research project to a committee consisting of the chair of the History Department, the instructor of the Historiography seminar, and one other faculty member.  At least one of the committee members must be a historian of the United States.  The donors will see the applications and provide advice; however, they will have no vote on the committee. Applications are due to the Graduate Program Director by 5 p.m. on April 1, 2022. Please write “Kings Mountain” in the subject line.

Upon return from her or his research travel, each scholarship recipient will provide the committee as well as the donors with a brief report on their research. When the recipient delivers the finished thesis to the Graduate School, they must also furnish two bound copies of their thesis to the donors.

Past Recipients

2022: Jasmine Baker

2021: Sylvia Marshall

2020: Megan Stevens

2019: Tommy Warlick

2018:  Savannah Golter Brown